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 First Christian Church Garland

                       115 South Glenbrook Drive  Garland, TX 75040

 First Christian Church Garland

                                 115 South Glenbrook Drive  Garland, TX 75040

 First Christian Church Garland

                                                          115 South Glenbrook Drive  Garland, TX 75040

For Now and Generations to Come


 In the Book of Genesis, God makes a promise to Abraham & Sarah: "I will establish my covenant between me and you, and your offspring after you throughout their generations, ...for an everlasting convenant." - Genesis 17:7

God has made a timeless promise to us: to be faithful to us now and for all generations to come. Having been so blessed, we give in gratitude to God, so that future generations will celebrate this same promise.

The First Christian Church Endowment Fund is one important way that we give future generations the resources to both enjoy and share God's promise.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is a permanent fund which is established now from current resources in order to provide for the future. Endowment funds are invested for income and growth so that they will grow to meet the future needs of the church.

Once the Endowment Fund of First Christian reaches a balance of $200,000 an annual disbursement of 4% of the fund's market value will be made. For example, 4% of $200,000 would provide the church with an $8000 gift.

The annual disbursement will be made accordingly: 25% as per Stewardship Ministry recommendation, 25% for Outreach Ministry, 50% for debt retirement, acquisition or repairs. 

First Christian Church Permanent Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1995 for the primary purpose of "expanding the witness and mission of Jesus Christ in the world-serving human needs in our community and around the world."

The Endwoment Fund provids an additional way for persons to support the future ministry of First Christian Church. All assets received by the Fund are considered permanent and will not be spent, borrowed or used as collateral except as designated by the Fund.

Who Manages the Endowment Fund?

The Fund is managed by the church's Trustees. Trustees are elected by the congregation according to the guidelines established in the church's By-laws. The Trustees are responsible for investing the corpus of the Fund and for making an annual report to the church's Stewardship Ministry which in turn ensures appropriate annual disbursement amounts. 

How Can I Give to the Fund?

Gifts to the Fund may take many forms, including:
  • Gift of money, securities or other property during your lifetime.
  • A gift under your Last Will and Testament.
  • Beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy.
  • Beneficiary designation on an employee benfit plan or IRA.
  • Naming the Endowment Fund as the remainder beneficiary under a charitable remainder trust.

What Should I Consider When Making a Gift?

The Fund recommends that you consult your estate planning or tax planning professional as you consider the best way to make a gift.

The concept of "Effective Giving" is generally helpful.

Giving the Right Amount. It is important to give without jeopardizing you or your family's financial well-being.

Giving at the Right Time. Tax benefits can often be achieved by carefully planning the timing of your gifts.

Giving in the best way. Talk with your advisor to determine the appropriate plan of giving for you and your family. Consistent with these goals, you may wish to consider a bequest or other deferred gift to the church in addition to your regular gifts.

Is There a Minimum Gift Amount?

No. In keeping with endowment policy guidelines, the Endowment Fund of First Christian Church will accept gifts of any size, now and in the future.

Who Can I Talk with for More Information?

You may talk with one of the church's Trustees. Contact information may be obtained by calling the church office,        972 272 5423.

Click here to see Endowment Fund brochure.

A copy of the Permanent Endowment Fund is available upon request.