Children's Ministries


First Christian Church offers a Children's Choir for children ages 4 years through 2nd grade.  There is also a Youth Choir for students in 3rd grade & up.  Both of these groups meet on Sundays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

The focus of the Youth Choir and the Children's Choir is to help the younger children learn about Jesus through songs, games, and activities focused around music theory and Biblical truths.  Instruments and special guests make for a lively and fun time, and the Choirs helps lead Sunday morning worship by singing and/or playing on a regular basis. Come join us and bring your friends.

NURSERY is provided in Room 105 for infants until their second birthday. Nursery attendants are employees of the church with training and experience in child care.
2 & 3 YEARS OLDS meet in room 106. These young children absorb the good news about Jesus as it is presented by teachers who joyfully demonstrate God's love.
AGES 4 THROUGH 2ND GRADE attend Rotational Sunday School which meets upstairs in the children’s wing in room 210. During the summer children will view a Bible Story DVD one week and the following week will reinforce the lesson through drama, utilizing puppets, costumes, etc.  In the evening, our 5 year olds through 2nd grade meet Sunday from 5pm-7:15pm.
While together as a group, PYF has time to either play games inside or out in our playground, depending on the weather. Then the children learn songs, have a lesson (according to their current topic), and also have a craft that usually serves as either a gift to someone or as a decoration for the room