Moment's Reflection June 15, 2022

by Dr. Dan Jones on June 15, 2022
Moment’s Reflection
“For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”
-Psalm 100:5
One of the great joys of being minister in one place for many years is that you begin to see
larger patterns of God’s work and blessing. Through the years, I’ve had the joy of presiding at
the marriage ceremonies of young adults I dedicated as children and watched grow up in the
Church. I’ve taught pastor’s classes for young people who’ve been baptized and then grown to
become ministers in their own right. I’ve seen the fullness of a person’s life story become greater
than any single act of goodness which we recall. I’ve appreciated more deeply the wisdom of
decisions that were made years ago.
Sometime this summer, our church will sell the property across the street to the City of Garland. That
property has gone by different names through the years, yet despite the changing names, the building has
represented one vision for our church: that we continue to be a presence in downtown Garland. That
vision has taken several shapes from providing parking, to housing a robust contemporary worship
service. I have so many good memories of times in that place. I’ll never forget the inventive La Posada
services we had. Or the beloved people I worshipped alongside in that place. Now as we prepare to sell
that property, the vision becomes the material/financial substance of dreams yet to come. I am thankful
for the generous souls who had the first vision and for how their generosity will continue to bless us for
years to come.
This summer we’ll also dedicate the Noah’s Ark Playground in Mike Whalin’s memory. Mike spent his life
making sure generations of our children knew Jesus. He was the face of the JYF program. He was the
long-time JYF Sunday school teacher. He always insisted that “his kids” come first. As each of these kids
graduated from his class, he took seriously the need to gift them with a Bible. He was the one who
always helped me in the Baptistry on Easter Sunday as “his kids” made confessions of faith and were
baptized. I can’t think of a better way to honor the spirit of his life legacy.
I think it’s possible to miss the importance of extraordinary faith as it’s lived day to day.
This summer we’ll have an opportunity to stand back and behold how God has been with us, shaped us
beautifully and wonderfully through the years. -Dan, Pentecost 2022

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