Sanctuary Piano Project

by FCCG on October 10, 2022

Sanctuary Piano Project

 O sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.” -Psalm 96:1

We want to share some good news with you! Over the last few months, church leadership has been in discussion with our choir director, Stan McGill, about the need to update our current chancel piano, and best ways to accommodate the additional space needed for a new piano in the church’s chancel area. Out of those discussions, a project plan was developed, including research to assure that our church was receiving a best cost estimate. We believe the project will enhance our church’s music ministry and the ways it serves our services of worship.

Before sharing the specifics of the project, we want to note that the Official Church Board approved the project and necessary funds, in its meeting on September 18, 2022.  Most importantly, please note that the project is completely underwritten by non-general fund monies, including existing funds.

In its discussion, the Board also approved chancel area modifications to accommodate the new piano. Church leadership believes that these changes will support the primary worship purpose of the chancel area and will not detract from the aesthetic quality of our church’s beautiful sanctuary.

Now, we want to share the details.

Q: What piano is being replaced and what will it be replaced with?

A: (Current) Currently our 5’5’’ brown Kawaii piano is 40+ years old. Over the years, the piano’s quality has declined making it challenging to keep tuned, costing $300 annually. The space where the piano is located is off to the side and unseen on our weekly YouTube broadcast. In its current location, the sanctuary piano cannot be effectively used for special events such as the Rusk Service, which requires that the church rent a larger piano at $1,000 per event.

(New) We will purchase a new black 6’1” C3X Yamaha piano. This is a higher quality instrument and will serve the congregation well for 50+ years. This longer piano will not fit in the current piano stall.

Q: What chancel area modifications are planned?

A: To better use the space available in the choir loft and to accommodate a new Yamaha piano, the new piano will be moved to the choir loft on the piano 1/3 side. Two levels and two choir pews will be removed, making it a flat level, one step up from the altar. Four choir pews will remain in the middle and organ side sections, plus an additional seating level behind the organ side for seating, ample for our Chancel Choir. If additional choir seating is needed, chairs can be put in the new piano section. Additionally, the sightline for pianist, organist, choir, and director is much better in this location as well as enhancing the piano sound in the sanctuary.

The choir loft carpet will be removed and replaced with a cherry color hardwood flooring. This will coordinate with the current wood trim, still retain the look of the sanctuary, and enhance the acoustics of the choir loft.

Q: When will the changes be made and how long will they take?

A: Member, Don Smith, and Crew, will oversee the work. If all goes as planned, the changes will only effect one Sunday (November 6). The work is estimated to be completed as follows:

November 4-8 (Friday-Tuesday)

             Don Smith & Crew: Removal of existing carpet and levels & some choir pews

             *Chancel choir may possibly be seated in chairs for the November 6 Sunday service

November 9-11 (Wednesday-Friday)

Rodenbaugh America Flooring will install new flooring in choir loft

November 12 (Saturday)

Don Smith & crew will re-install two center and two stage left choir pews (organ side)

November 14 (Monday)

Metroplex Piano will deliver piano and move Kawaii piano (current) to choir room/chapel; Choir room piano will be moved to the Fellowship Hall; Sanctuary power-point “station” will be moved from floor in front of pulpit to existing piano space


Our church has a rich history of excellent music. We believe these changes will ensure a continuation of excellent worship music for generations to come! If you have questions, please contact either one of us.

In the Lord’s Service,

Elaine Roeger &  Bill Dunn

Acting Board Chair;  Property Ministry Chair