I’m often asked to describe what makes our church, our denomination, distinctive.  It doesn’t take me long to  answer:  “We’re a people of the Table—the Lord’s Table—the same Table the New Testament gospels  remember Jesus once gathered around with his followers.” On that long-ago occasion, Jesus began to teach  his followers something about the meaning of his life and the meaning of what it might mean to follow him.  Today, we continue to remember and practice and anticipate what he taught.

The Lord’s Table is wide. Though we all sin and fall short of God’s best intention for our lives, we nevertheless experience God’s expansive forgiveness here. At his Table we receive God’s grace. 

The Lord’s Table is narrow. Around his table we remember that the challenge to live a Christian life is in many ways counter-cultural. As Jesus taught, “The gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life.”  At his Table we receive strength to live as Christians in the world.

The Lord’s Table is timeless.  At his Table we remember God’s future.  In Jesus Christ we have seen a glimpse, been given a foretaste, of all that God is at work in our lives to bring to completion. At his Table we remember, experience and anticipate God’s promises.

And finally, the Lord’s Table is prepared, especially for you.  The Bible uses rich metaphor to explain the gifts waiting to be received. Around his Table you’re invited to drink living water and eat bread of life.  At his Table God waits to be wanted by you.  At his Table your deepest hunger and thirst are satisfied.

We are a people of the Lord’s Table. We look forward to sharing the journey of Christian faith with you around his Table.