First Christian Church Garland

2019 Generosity Commitment

Answering Christ's call to help those in 1 of 1
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Chancel Choir
Children's Choir
Handbell Choir
Disciples Women
Sunday School Class Teacher
Care Group - Food Preparation
Care Group - Hospital Calling
Care Group - Phone Calling
Adult Mission Trip
Youth Sponsor
Vacation Bible School
Quilting Group
Property Ministry
Fellowship Ministry
Outreach Ministry
Education Ministry
CSH Ministry
Evangelism Ministry
Stewardship Ministry
Safe Church Ministry
Membership Ministry
Worship Ministry
Publicity Ministry

General Fund Support Supports the ongoing operation of the church and its ministries, including property, fellowship, outreach, education, membership, worship, evangelism, publicity and stewardship.

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In addition to my support for the church’s ongoing ministries in 2019, I would like to contribute to the support of the church’s future generations by donating to the following permanent endowment fund(s).

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Walton Wallace Endowment Fund
Pendleton / Wallace Facilities Endowment Fund
Yarborough Family Enrichment Endowment
General Endowment Fund
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